I fell off my exercise regime for quite a few months I had felt unmotivated and I used being a busy mum as an excuse.Yesterday on Instagram I saw a reel and a message a man said caught my attention he said “the body you have is your standard”…it’s not about “oh I’d like to have…” your current body is your standard meaning your okay with how it is” and this hit home. I think “oh I’d love to be fitter, more toned etc” but it stays a thought which means I’m actually fine with my current body but hearing that I thought no I’m not currently content so it’s about time I get off my butt and do something about it..⏩ this morning I did a 36 minute workout which started off as a 19 minute workout but I pushed through and did another video. And I felt so good afterwards! Moral of the story…nothing changes unless you do🌟

Posted by Kimmy N at 2022-01-20 11:43:57 UTC