Also just seen a few messages about what’s changed over the next two weeks! So I’m gonna break it down for you guys ❤️ Really it’s the same workouts, same times same people pretty much, just with an added focus on Mind, Body and Soul! So for Body: Same as always, Strength, Sweat and Sculpt programmes and we have created timetables for each so you can really focus on hitting one programme across these weeks! For Mind: From next Sunday I will be doing 2 weeks of mental and physical check ins with you guys, before @deletedmember jumps on to help you with stress For Soul: @AineyZion is back after a hiatus with regular weekly meditations! One dropped this morning ✨ So basically same as always when it comes to working out bodies, just getting a little more focussed, then some mental and spiritual wellness in addition 🙏🏼

Posted by Ciara London at 2022-04-04 09:14:30 UTC