Hi guys So, I came back from my Holiday on Thursday night, and it’s now day 3 of me knowing I have Covid and it’s really getting me down. The last time I did a workout was in the Atlantis gym in Dubai, and it’s killing me that I may have to miss more workouts to come, as I seem to be feeling worse today when I was hoping I’d feel better. I believe that @Ciara London and the gang are doing a special session tomorrow, to kickstart our spring challenge which is so wonderful, and I’m just trying to work out if I’ll be able to manage it or not. All I know is, if I miss any more workouts coming up because of this stupid illness, I think I’ll go crazy…. Sorry guys I just wanted to rant, thanks for reading and hope you’ll all smash it this week 🙏🏼💖 Xx

Posted by Aysu at 2022-04-17 20:49:25 UTC