Happy Friday everyone! I am currently a hungover hen after sipping on a few free cocktails after work last night 😂 I had 4 drinks. 4! Just not built for it anymore 🙈 The past few weeks have been non stop grafting and I had the pleasure of meeting (and actually getting photos) with the Body by Ciara trainers! They have pushed me in each class and I've loved every minute of it - even if there were a few swear words in between. They are all fair sound in real life as they are on our screens! So with that I'm off to book another session for next week. Once ya pop ya can't stop 😂 @Daniella Venturini @Mike Fitness @The Real Gym Guy @Sophie Hardy @deletedmember @msfitqueenuk @Body By Ciara Official

Posted by Gemma_Ireland93 at 2022-05-13 14:34:27 UTC