Happy weekend squaaaddd!! Since August I’ve made @Mike Fitness ‘s Wednesday upper body class a non negotiable and since September I’ve made @The Real Gym Guy ‘s Tuesday cardio vs weights class a non negotiable. These two classes are 5 ⭐️ . I can’t recommend them enough! I’ve been able to lift heavier and improved a lot more quicker in my lower body classes with Ciara due to these classes as now my body is more even. Sounds stupid but obviously we need our arms and back to squat heavier (I didn’t think like this 😅) And my lord, my cardio and general body weight strength has improved so rapidly thanks to the cardio in Lee’s class. Try them if you haven’t already! Have a great weekend ♥️ P.s you will need an asthma pump after lee’s class 😮‍💨 but trust after just 3 weeks, you see the improvement 📈

Posted by Nikki_13 at 2022-10-15 12:25:54 UTC