I never thought to share my transformation picture here but this app has really saved my moods lately so it’s a thank you ♥️ I joined the squad in Feb ‘21 and when first starting the app my goal was to get strong and fit. My weight wasn’t an issue but I was weak, really weak! I’ve never been into fitness - was a typical bang out a few gym seshs before a girls holiday but the thing that has made me stay consistent is the mood that these workouts put me in. I don’t have to think, I just have to choose my workout and know I’ll be pushed to my max. My mental health has improved so much, I feel I can achieve anything once I’ve completed a workout. And the best thing is that I feel the trainers really want the best for us. So thank you to all the trainers and this squad ♥️💚 I started with 4kg dumbbells and that was a struggle 😅 and now I use 8-10kgs. I was 49kg and now I weigh 63kg 😎

Posted by Nikki_13 at 2022-10-15 14:22:44 UTC