Hi gang, So I’m just asking because I’m finding this really hard to deal with, but are there any mums out there that are struggling to deal with time management for workouts in between mum life?? More to the point because I know there might be: how are you managing your time better to suit you and your workouts? I’m really struggling, I’ve been ill since last week, (it’s been on and off with this weather tbh), my 3 y/o daughter has been physically sick over the weekend so trying to play catch up, and every time I try to fit in a workout within the week the time seems to creep up on me because of everything else I must do and before I know it it’s the afternoon school run and I’ve run out of time. I can’t in the evenings, no matter how hard I try to get an evening workout in my kids are screaming for me to go to bed with them (my older one is Autistic), so more often than not I’m actually falling asleep with them because I’m so tired. It’s now 1.30pm and as I’ve completed my daily errands I’ve realised it’s just not enough time to fit in a decent workout, shower, get dressed and be out of the door and in the car ready to pick up my kids and I’m so frustrated…. Please help, any suggestions are welcome ☹️🙏🏻

Posted by Aysu at 2023-03-06 13:29:27 UTC