Hi everyone, Ok so I don’t remember ever posting my progress on here, as I’ve been feeling pretty low lately on how I’ve been doing the past number of weeks now, due to not being able to work out family life and working out in between, plus the additional stressful crisis that has happened that fate seems to slip into everything (you know, just for the fun of it, because the universe can have a twisted sense of humour sometimes). However, this week seems to be the best week I’ve had so far since my seemed “slump”, which I intend on coming out of and holding myself accountable for. So, here goes: MONDAY: **HAD A STRESSFUL DAY - EPIC FAIL ON WORKOUTS (see previous post to explain)** TUESDAY: 45 Min Full Body Time Under Tension (Sinead on catch up from yesterday) ✅ WEDNESDAY: 45 Min Lower Body Sculpting (Sinead, catch up from yesterday)✅ THURSDAY: 30 Min Split Leg Day (Sinead on mid morning catch up)✅ 15 Min Abs with Sinead straight after (meant to be Hip Thrust Challenge but was super happy we got abs instead as it’s my fave)✅ FRIDAY: 45 Min Friday Finishers (Sinead on my mid morning catch up)✅ SATURDAY: REST DAY SUNDAY: 30 Min Full Body Sweat (Ciara on catch up from yesterday)✅ Followed by… 30 Min Full Body Strength (Ciara again from yesterday)✅ I must say I’m so pleased I FINALLY got in a 5 day workout week, I really feel so good but I’m just praying nothing else crops up that makes me sacrifice MY time with this squad and my commitment to myself. @Ciara London, @Sineadtrains and @Body By Ciara Official I hope I will continue to make you proud 🙏🏻💖

Posted by Aysu at 2023-03-12 21:04:32 UTC