Wowww this week has been a hard one-I was kinder happy Ciara was not 100 on form that way I could catch up. 4 session down I feel a lot better I was nearly cryin on Weds as I felt a bit unfit!!! But u know sometimes u just have to keep going even with no weights or lighter ones. So jumpin out of my bed on Sat when I want to sleep is always a hard one. But Asha leg session are a killer!!! I am just grateful even when I want to cry & Im still enjoying the thrill after the crazy sessions we do!!! Especially when u jump on a live🥰🥰🥰🥰 ( I was slightly deflated as I have missed most of the 40 days & nights but finishing March better than when it started 😄🏋️‍♀️)

Posted by Suzan - Soshy35 at 2023-03-18 17:35:50 UTC