Hi everyone, Ok so after a very tightly scheduled week this week, I think I’ve improved a bit with planning ahead and fitting stuff in, so here‘s what went down with me: MONDAY: 45 Min Full Body HIIT vs Weights incl. Sweat Challenge (Ciara) ✅ 15,026 steps DONE. ✅ TUESDAY: 30 Min 30 in 30 Booty (Sinead on catch up - from workout library, 2/3/23)✅ 15 Min Plank and Ab Challenge (including 3 min plank 🥵) - straight after Booty, same date 2/3/23✅ 12,183 Steps DONE. ✅ WEDNESDAY: 60 Min Lower Body Supersets incl. 300 Donkey Kick Challenge (Ciara from yesterday)✅ 13,091 Steps DONE. ✅ THURSDAY: 45 Min Boxing vs Upper Body (Sinead from yesterday) ✅ 15 Min AMRAP Ab Blast (Sinead from yesterday)✅ 11,956 Steps DONE. ✅ FRIDAY: 45 Min Friday Finishers (Sinead) ✅ 12,274 Steps DONE. ✅ SATURDAY: **CAKE BAKING AND TRIALING RECIPES - REST DAY** 13,478 Steps DONE. ✅ SUNDAY: **MOTHER’S DAY DINNER AT HOME, 10 OF US, PREP NEEDED - REST DAY** 19,978 steps DONE. ✅ Here’s hoping I can be as lucky with the coming weeks in fitting as many workouts as I can. Hope you’ve all had a great day today, being Mums or spending time with yours. Happy Mother’s Day 🌹🙏🏻💖 Xx

Posted by Aysu at 2023-03-20 00:34:43 UTC