Ok, today’s menu for me: LUNCH: Two Poached Eggs, on half a Smashed Avocado and a Toasted Slice of Sourdough, some Turkey Bacon added for extra protein (after that live I’d had with the lovely Ciara today 💦🥵🔥), and a side of Red Grapes, a Pink Lady Apple (Standard ☺️) and my usual Rose Infused Earl Grey Cuppa. DINNER: Leftover Chicken Shish (Kebabs) from last night, but changed it up by putting them in a Toasted Wholemeal Pitta, Sliced Cherry Plum Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumber, Half an Avocado (the other half I didn’t eat from lunchtime), and a dollop of Low Fat Houmous. And a little glass of Pure O.J. Lovely 🥰💖

Posted by Aysu at 2023-03-31 19:26:36 UTC