Day 40 in the bag. We made it baby and the look of joy in my face says it all. I started theĀ challenge weak mentally and have ended it stronger. I turn up to classes on a weekly basis alone (but don't feel alone once there). I've started to lift at the level I'm at and if it's for 45 seconds and only 25-30kg that's OK. It's better than 0 seconds. When I was put on asthma steroid tablets last year and gained weight, I wasn't happy in my own skin anymore and I used my asthma and some effects from the steroid as a comfort blanket to delay doing something about how I felt. However, this journey hasn't just been about LOSING weight and taking control of bloating, but rather about GAINING strength, trust and confidence in myself again. When you are patient and realistic with your goals and push through obstacles, that is when real transformation happens and I am proud of each and every single one of us. I am ready for the next chapter to begin @Body By Ciara Official @Ciara London London and have come to realise that starting is the most important step. Once you start and have that leap of faith in yourself, everything else will follow in time šŸ’œ

Posted by Keepupwithems at 2023-04-02 12:36:03 UTC