Ok I need a bit of guidance please I was thinking to maybe switch to doing the sculpt and sweat workouts more and the strength and shape for booty … I need to still lose some post baby weight and my arms are terrible at the minute FLABBY! But I don’t want to lose much on my butt and want that to be strong and shapely I know you can’t pick and choose haha but still! What would you guys recommend ? Stick to strength and shape sessions which I usually do with the 12 clock lives ORRRR start this new plan of mine and do the sculpt and sweat sessions majority of the time and the strength and shape for the booty days? ORRRR stick to my 12 lives but just use lighter weights!! I don’t know!! Help meeee I’m confusing myself haha Xx

Posted by ranni at 2023-04-11 10:44:40 UTC