So I thought I'd do a post about scales! People hate scales (me included) you eat right, workout everyday only to jump on a set of standard scales to see the number hasn't changed, you feel disheartened and think what's the point!! 📢📢Now I can't stress this enough!!! !!!DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THAT NUMBER!!! 📢📢 For example these numbers here are from a set of biometric scales that give you a breakdown of your weight! As you can see I'm not a feather, but I don't mind because the distribution makes sense and that is what I'm happy with, you can see where your progress has gone when muscle mass goes up and fat% down!! Rather than stress yourself on losing numbers, take measurements or buy a pair of biometric scales - trust me when I say you'll feel so much better within yourself and it motivates you to show that your hard work is actually making a difference!! THE NUMBER DOES NOT MATTER!

Posted by Deleted (ad1db2ed) at 2021-04-15 14:14:56 UTC