Hi gang. Thought I’d share a snapshot of my life outside squad. A different (and bloody exhausting) way of getting those steps in. Splitboarding. Here in Tignes the chairlifts have been shut all season because of the pandemic so we’ve been walking up the mountains to earn our turns. Today was 500m elevation over 3km. In 51minutes. 6500 steps, 407cals average heart rate 146 🥵 Insta wouldn’t let me download the music, for info DJ Patife- SAMBASSIM, sunshine drum and bass kinda day 😊 Oh and then my first ever gymshark purchased arrived so I popped a cheeky @Sophie Hardy into my evening. Catch up on low impact full body and ab blast. Think I’m ready for my dinner now. 🤪

Posted by Deleted (9bdf89a9) at 2021-04-15 17:13:18 UTC