Hello everyone! Ive set myself a goal to be in the best shape mentally and phsysically then ive ever been especially for when i turn 40 next April 2022 #HowTimeFlys😱 #FitAt40 Since covid & lockdowns hit i lost all motivation for exercise, in previous years I was a sporadic gym goer but now I’m back feeling more motivated than ever! I’ve cancelled my gym membership as I want consistency to be key so will focus on home work outs with the trainers as it will work better around me and will hopefully stop the procrastinating!! With the energy from this amazing squad i know i can do this So Watch This Space!!😅💪🏼💕#IGotThis Any advice/tips are greatly welcomed 😊

Posted by Deleted (d767ade8) at 2021-04-16 08:24:56 UTC