Day 5 - Week Two: SHRED 💪🏾 Woooaaahhh Today Was A REAL BURNOUT!! 😰🔥 I Did 7am - Low Impact B2B HIIT, 7:30am - B2B Upper Body, 7:40am - Bands and Booty, 7:50am - B2B Abs and Core, 12pm - Tabata Boxing, 12:50pm - B2B Jogging Vs Sprints and Finished It Off With Into The Weekend Stretch ☑️ I Push Myself To Continue Working Out Hardcore, Stay Focused and Always Remain Strong and Courageous 🔥💪🏾 Thank You @deletedmember @Sophie@deletedmember London and Olivia ❤️💕

Posted by Deleted (14c9be8c) at 2021-04-16 12:43:32 UTC