I’ve seen a lot of squaddies have been feeling demotivated/anxious/sad recently. I’ve been much the same - very much workout avoidant and feeling eat-y... a real emotional 🎢 BUT today is a new day. @KariiLondon’s leg workout this morning was just the right balance of 🔥 and 💀 to start to pull me out of my slump (see the way it looks like a tornado flew around during the workout). Then I spent a good while in the mirror saying loving things to myself and appreciating the work I’ve put into my physical and mental over the past year. I’m still in a funk tbh, but I have reminded myself that though right now feels hard, my foundation is strong and will withstand. So, if you’re still struggling too, I see you! Remind yourself of who tf you are- that you are beauty and strength. The fact that you’re even here reading this is proof of that, because you are someone who chose a community like this. And if you’ve any tips of your own to share on riding out these storms, please share! Happy Saturday gang. Enjoy the sunshine. By small steps or large, we shall rise! 💞

Posted by Adele at 2021-04-17 10:00:54 UTC