Week 2 finished!!!!! Boooiiiiiii I have had a really hectic week!!! So apologies for this super late post!! A hot bath is absolutely compulsory right now! I worked Saturday morning 👓, went to the park and met some lovely squaddies in the afternoon. 😍 Did hairstyling all day today on a photoshoot and even managed to push to get my 10K completed by 10pm 😭😭😭 I fully struggled!!! I planned to do a workout tonight but I am absolutely exhaustedT!!!!! So it's been decided with the gorgeous @Asher that we are waking up extra early to smash a catch up on Pull a Card workout. Gotta start the week with a bang right?!!! 💥🙌🏽 Also, How many of you have done 14 days straight of 10K a day? 👀 We are literally half way through and shout out to everyone that's involved even if you joined in late!!! I hope you are enjoying the challenge!! 💖 Anyways, hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine! 🌞 Let's get our rest and start shred week 3 in style!!!! Goodnight gorgeous ones!!! 😘

Posted by Daljit at 2021-04-18 21:31:36 UTC