Happy Earth Day Squad! 🌍🌱♻️🐦 I'm about to do an introduction to BRX, wish me luck but I just wanted to drop this here first to hopefully inspire someone ☺️ Nature gives us everything we need to live on this planet, so use today as a reminder to be grateful! Make time to do something for nature: • Walk/Cycle instead of driving • Pick some litter up in local area • Get your fruit and veggies from a green grocer, with no wrapping • Learn about the climate crisis • Have a plant-based meal • Switch to a green energy provider • Check out your local zero-waste shop How can you live a more sustainable and environmentally friendly life? It starts with our everyday choices ✌🏼💚 📍Huascaran National Park, Perú

Posted by taniarisc at 2021-04-22 08:25:37 UTC