First day of booty challenge COMPLETE ✌️ Morning walk ✅ 7.45am B2B HIIT ✅ 12pm booty ✅ And the rest... work, trip to see my parents, food shopping, etc etc ✅ Who was on the live earlier and clocked me like “if I just lay here and just forget the world🌎...” 🤣🤣 Ciara had just KILLED me off doing pistol squats and my bum was ON FIREEEEE. I literally sunk to the floor (accurate representation in both pics 1 and 2). Started Monday off right and I’m so motivated for this challenge because I know we’re all in it together 😍 let’s do this team ❤️🔥🔥 And I’ve got a date on Friday. 👀🤣

Posted by Esther Samson at 2021-04-26 21:39:24 UTC