Just lying here after completing my move ring at 10:30pm! A quick blast of @Sophie Hardy HIIT vs UB after a full day at work, 3 kids dinner, showered and ready for bed, a school governors meeting and then still over 200 cals left to burn to get that little completion buzz 😅😩 A quick activation of the booty with @deletedmember and a 10 mins shred with @Sophie Hardy and I’m done 🙌🏽 Well done to everyone smashing this week, if you feel like you’re not getting it in, find 10 mins just for you, it makes everything better even if just for a moment #bootychallenge #bodybyciarasquad #wecan #bootygains #activation #getyourgains #done

Posted by Yasmin U at 2021-04-28 21:38:27 UTC