About yesterday...... Look who I bumped into at the gym!!! 💜🥰 Isn't she stunning 😍 I met up with this beautiful angel yesterday and we both got back into the gym for the first time. @deletedmember you are such a special human! 💖👑 Thank you for your company and energy yesterday!!! This squad is full of such beautiful people and I am so blessed to be part of it!!!💫 Can wait to meet more of you!!! 🥰 I have had such a mad week man.... Have done like 8 workouts plus walking and boxing!!!! So today is absolutely rest day!!!! lol I am so tiyaaaaaad!!!! (10K is a must though! 😉) Anyways, your girl is off to an early brunch...... tipsy post pending 🤣🤣🤣🥴🥂🍾 Have a great day beautiful people!!! 😎 x (Final 2 days of walking challenge..... who is gonna push for more than 10K?!?! 👀)

Posted by Daljit at 2021-05-01 08:14:58 UTC