Happy Saturday and Bank holiday weekend all! Yesterday was supposed to be rest day for me but I did do a 20 min glute burn by Sophie Hardy from earlier in the week - you know the one with 660 donkey kicks/leg raises and 300 glute raises/hold! A madness but so good! QUESTION - I’ve done about 1.5 classes each day. All have had at least some glute focus. (e.g legs and a 20 min glute one or HIIT vs weighs + a 20 mi glute one). Although I want to build glutes, could this have an adverse effect on them? Saw someone online saying 3 glute focus classes a week is enough. I haven’t felt tired this week but wondering if I should avoid targeting glutes everyday. What do you all think? Thanks in advance 💛 Trainers - any advice? @deletedmember @deletedmember @Mike Fitness @KariiLondon @Sophie Hardy

Posted by Nora at 2021-05-01 10:23:29 UTC