So grateful for this community I hardly ever post or write or even chat whilst we are working out but this feels like a place I can come to and really be apart of and just share what’s on my mind!! Last few months have been really tough for me with loosing my baby with an ectopic pregnancy and just being depressed and miserable... I am now on my new healing journey and I am grateful for eveyone here. Ps I first started with Ciara last year May and I really managed to drop the excess weight by November felt so good. December found out I was pregnant January lost baby and my tube so trying to get back to my happy place ... but here is my picture when I was working my arse off just before falling pregnant and if it wasn’t for Ciara and the team who knows where I would be at !!

Posted by Deleted (b37a056e) at 2021-04-11 16:13:15 UTC