***Catch up crew ****** Happy Saturday all, I’m back after feeling a bit meh 😕 last week .. works been so busy and I was finding it hard to even get a workout in. I’ve seen so many post where ppl have been in my position so that gave me a sense of comfort.. I had to literally tell myself it’s ok to rest and that I’d still be ok. I even haven’t been posting a lot so I used the time to give myself a mini break from the socials. 🤗 Moving forward I’m glad to be back and caught up with @KariiLondon 10x10 low impact leg workout with leg and abs finishers. Wow 😳 that was tough but I got through it. The pump after that workout thou 🤩❤️❤️🍑🍑 .

Posted by Stella at 2021-05-08 12:23:08 UTC