My first post here ! I remember how desperate I was last year after lockdown hits to find a help after first 6 weeks doing absolutely nothing more than just sitting and eating. Than I found her ! @deletedmember bought access to live workouts on @Body by Ciara Squad just right after my first Friday free workout and diet after few days. I went obsessed with workouts my first personal challenge was 50 days in a row. Did it started looking better fell better. During this year I had lots of personal issues like I was made redundant had to give up all unnecessary expense including live workouts, I couldn't see my family ( still can't as I'm from Poland), some members of my family passed away and I couldn't attend to say last goodbye so I was in and out with workouts and evereytime promised myself that this time I'm not going to quit l, but I did. So maybe is not a πŸ’―% perfect transformation but I really did what I could and will continue. Stronger I've ever been - 12kg and around 60cm in my body in total. I'm finally starting to accept my body and appreciate what is capable of. I'm living in studio flat and still managed to achieve it without a gym so no excuses ! Getting a bit of emotional now so I just wanted to thank all of the squad πŸ’™πŸ†πŸ™ you the best ! @Mike Fitness @Cele-Lou @deletedmember @The Real Gym Guy #bodyinprogress #bodytransformation #transformation #bodybyciarasquad #weightloss #positivevibes

Posted by Deleted (75f1853a) at 2021-05-09 18:49:31 UTC