Happy Monday Squad πŸ¦‹ Let’s Have A Good One πŸ’— Week 3 of the booty challenge let’s go!!! Posted this on my Instagram thought I’d share some of my fave vegan protein go too’s πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ¦‹ FUEL YA BODYπŸ’— Most important part of reaching your body goals is 80% nutrition, focus on having a healthy balanced diet, aim to reach your protein target, even more important for your gains πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’— πŸ’— Breakfast -Oats -Bulk Vegan Complete Chocolate -Water -Dash of Oat Milk -SeaMoss -Flax & Chia Seeds πŸ’— Post Protein Shake -1 Full scoop bulk vegan white chocolate coconut -Banana -Peanut Butter -Strawberries -Oat Milk & Water πŸ’— Protien Snack 1 - Bulk Protien snack πŸ’— Lunch -Chickpeas -Spinach -Avocado -Tomatoes -Onion -Cucumber -Chilli & Vegan Perinasie -Toasted In A Wrap πŸ’— Proten Snack 2 - Apple & peanut butter πŸ’— Dinner - Jerk Quorn / Tofu Pieces - Cooked Onion & Peppers Seasoned In Tomatoe Sauce - Aubergine - Courgette - Okhra - Plantain - rice #vegan #veganuk #bulk #protien #feulyourbody #homeworkouts #food #gains #bootybuilding #bootychallange #bodybyciara #muscleman

Posted by Asha-Leah at 2021-05-10 04:55:14 UTC