I’ve unintentionally taken over a week out of training because like a lot of people, I’ve been struggling, feeling mentally and emotionally drained, and lacking the motivation and drive to move. Life sometimes gets overwhelming and as a consequence you end up in a downward spiral. With each day that passed where I didn’t exercise, I felt more and more nervous to actually do something as if there was an invisible wall that was getting higher and more difficult to climb every day. Today I managed to pull myself out a little and make a ripple in the cycle, starting my morning off with another beautiful Sunrise power flow with @Soul Body by Phoebe. I really needed this today, it really helped me to just stop, breathe and focus my mind on myself. Looking forward to tonight’s sofa sessions with @deletedmember it couldn’t have come at a better time. Also it’s actually so good to have her back, she is like ‘home’ within this app and my fitness journey ❤️ Sending love to you all xx

Posted by Umisha at 2021-05-11 09:38:29 UTC