Good morninggg!! ♥️ I’m mentally trying to prepare myself for legs day later. So here’s a pointless vid of me from my last session lol. Just a few quick Self Love reminders: 📌 Go at your own pace!! It’s You vs. You and you are your only competition 📌Embrace where you currently are in your journey. Fitness is about Loving yourself inside out. So it’s not just the aesthetics we need to work on. But, how we perceive ourselves mentally 📌Try to eliminate the word CAN’T. It’s tough but, I genuinely believe that word is an instant limitation on what we CAN do. Speak positive affirmations and blessings into your life. From personal experience, it changes Everythinggggg!! Anyway, much love and blessings. Enjoy your day xxx

Posted by msfitqueenuk at 2021-05-12 08:12:14 UTC