So this week I’ve really slacked on the workout front. I’ve still hit my daily cal goal of 1000cals every day but I’ve been hitting it lazily! 😳 the most strenuous things I’ve done this week is a 10k run, 10k walk & a spin class (that would usually have been a lot of exercise for me in a week! But these days I try to get 1 or 2 squad workouts in a day too) Next week we are going on holiday with family but my iPad is coming with me & I’m going to get a workout or 2 done every day 😁💪🏼 my sister in law is the best at workout motivation so I’m really looking forward to it! Going to try & get a couple of little runs in while we’re away too...Then reward myself with some Prosecco in the hot tub 🤣 Happy Friday guys ❤️

Posted by jaimee-wellings at 2021-05-21 09:15:50 UTC