A year to the day between these pictures, I find it so hard to see a difference in myself so putting pictures next to each other is the best way for me to realise how far I’ve come! I don’t know about anyone else but I still see myself as what I looked like before I started my fitness journey, I still go to pick up the larger sizes in shops, I’m still so hard on myself. But... I’m slowly starting to love what I see in the mirror, I’m definitely 100x more confident than I was in that first picture and I’m learning to not care about my rolls, my double chin and my chubby knees 😄💞 I’ve picked up a calf injury over the weekend 😫, it’s feeling a lot better today but not going to risk it with a workout so I’ll be starting The Body Training Club from tomorrow! So excited for this concept, it’s right up my street!! Let’s get it xxx

Posted by Daniella Venturini at 2021-05-24 18:47:49 UTC