Just a reminder it’s ok to feel unsettled and overwhelmed as we move back into “normal life” 💫 I don’t know about you but the influx of social plans since April 12th has finally caught up with me and I feel a little bit lost 😩 How did I fit everything in before?! How did I afford to go out? How did I balance work, exercise, friends and family!? How do I know this job is what I want to do?! I feel like I’ve gone from 0-100 and my brain is 🤯 So I found this on bupa and just thought I’d share as I’m going to take this advice on board - doing daily BodyByCiara classes is definitely one of the things that helps regulate my stress/worries👇 Sending all you squaddies lots of love, we got this 💫💞✨

Posted by Esther Samson at 2021-06-01 22:18:16 UTC