One last thing ... to all my business women & men in this community please share with me your business so I can follow and support as best as I can!! I have a chilli jam business where me and my mum make Scotch Bonnet Jam. We sell it on Portobello Market on a Saturday as well through our website my Instagram name for the business is @auntyds if you have a business please share with me I’m a big believer in support small business. Also down to do collaboration or giveaways or even send you a sample if you want to try it out!! But please send me your business details so I can check it out. We also sell Purple Sea Moss in raw form and capsules!! Discount code: AUNTYD10 #SupportSmallBusiness

Posted by Deleted (b37a056e) at 2021-04-11 17:46:19 UTC