Morning girls! I joined this community a few months ago and I’m so in love with everything about it! I’ve never enjoyed training HIIT and upper body so much in my life (and I’ve been going to the gym for 8 years 🤣) I also LOVE how supportive and lovely everyone is. You girls are all honestly amazing and on top of your shit! It’s so inspiring. During 1st lockdown I decided to finally start my own recycled activewear business and I’ve been slowly building the foundations, sampling and saving for the last year. Now I’m nearly at a time to put down a deposit for a bulk order 🤩 I want to make sure that I’m making something that people will love to wear and make them them feel strong and amazing so if you’ve got a spare 5 mins with your morning coffee id be so thankful if you could fill out a little survey for me 🙏🏼 I appreciate you all more than you know🥺❤️ Also can’t wait to absolutely kill my legs today 😂

Posted by Deleted (25fb08db) at 2021-06-15 07:48:40 UTC