I would have never ever posted a picture like this before, I’ve always been so conscious of my body, chubby arms, hip dips, but my belly especially because tend to hold my weight in that area and I also bloat so much which really doesn’t help. I’m that girl who gets everything 2x bigger, constantly wears baggy clothes to hide my body and cover up, block the real me from the world. But I posted it. Because I’m learning that I am normal and I know how hard I’m working to try and make positive changes physically and mentally. To except something is the first step to changing it. I may never have the exact body that I want but I will have the perfect body that I need for me ❤️ Low impact legs with @KariiLondon plus 150 crunches ✔️ 50 crunches after class ✔️ And then for the last 300 I replayed the 200 crunches from @deletedmember’s glute activation class then the last 100 from @deletedmember’s booty on the floor class = 500 crunches ✔️!!! (Picture taken before I got battered) 😂

Posted by Umisha at 2021-06-15 09:17:15 UTC