✨ New Trainer Day ✨.. first session and live with @Mike Fitness … Back, Triceps and Biceps 💪🏼 I’ve been wanting to do a session with Mike for some time now but the times never work for me and when I’m catching up I typically only get in a 30min sesh! Well today I made the time, and yeah I was late for work but who cares… GAINS!! Looking forward to more workouts with Mike! Struggled with the plank hold today, attempted it fours times this morning but only made it to 1min 30seconds each time (so technically did my 3 minutes but not in one go 🙈) Will try again later today, if not there is always tomorrow! #plankchallenge #upperbody #gains #bodytrainingclub

Posted by tina.mistry at 2021-06-30 09:32:27 UTC