Feeling a bit drained today but still wanted to get some exercise in because as we know consistency is key! 🦋 30 mins tabata with @Sophie Hardy ✔️ 🦋 30 mins low impact HIIT with @jadelouisetraining ✔️ 🦋 7 min squat hold catch up with @Ciara London (so happy I did this I really don’t know how, however my form really started to go towards the end when my lower back kicked in but it’s something to improve on) 🦋 Plank hold - 2 mins 20 My core is my weakness so I’m really struggling with these plank holds and I’m so so gutted I didn’t get to 3mins never mind the 4! BUT, I’m trying and tomorrow I will go again. Pushing through and growing little by little like this baby leaf. Life’s a journey of self acceptance, love and growth, and we are growing 💜

Posted by Umisha at 2021-07-01 10:23:30 UTC