I was only planning on doing a 30 minute session today but then.. 💥 60 minutes abs & core with @Mike Fitness happened 😆 💥 3 minutes 60 second plank hold! Catch up with @Sophie Hardy - she makes it look so easy! (for me it makes it easier having someone ‘doing it with me’ for that extra support and motivation) 💥 followed by another 3 minutes 64 second plank hold!! I cannot BELIEVE I went past the 2min mark because I’ve really been struggling with this challenge!! TIPS: I alternated between forearm and side planks, when the burn was getting too much I started with shoulder taps which easied it a lot more than I thought! Also wore wrist straps for extra support and had them on a folded up towel so they weren’t under as much pressure 💥 7 minutes squat hold catch up with @Ciara London (The form on this however was questionable as my lower back just wasn’t having it, but I pushed through regardless) TIPS: swaying side to side, foot tapping and straightening one leg at a time just enough to ease the quad burn and make it bearable to carry on!! 💜💜💜

Posted by Umisha at 2021-07-02 10:58:52 UTC