FRIDAY FEELS Mind. Body. Soul. 🧿🧡💫 "Self love will heal you, empower you, restore you and open up new worlds around you. Learn to love your body and teach your mind how to respect it". 🙏🏽 Mental health is just as important as our physical and I've found that by learning how to embrace my emotions and understanding what brings me peace has really helped me train physically because wellness is about the harmony between your mind, body and spirit ☯️ A few things I have learnt and am still learning that's guiding me on my self-love journey: ♡ Speaking to myself positively about my physical being and loving the body I am in 🤎 - I used to hate looking at myself in the mirror, used to constantly call myself fat or ugly and always compared myself to others. But by talking positively and apologising to myself, true healing began, physically and mentally. ♡ Finding my peace ☮🌴 - Understanding what helps me relax and what gives me a sense of calm. Practicing yoga and meditating has really pushed me to learn the power of just breathing and how important it is to open up those unnecessary blockages to my energy. ♡ Taking back my power and protecting my energy⚡- Literally that. Being aware of what disturbs my peace, walking away from it and simply understanding that certain energies are just not for me. Be that people, places or certain situations. ♡ Gratitude - Being thankful for everything 🙏🏽 In this amazing squad, we don't just exercise our bodies, we train our minds also 💖 Learn to love yourself unapologetically and DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF! Shout out to all the amazing trainers and in particular the beautiful @Soul Body by Phoebe 😍 for guiding me through my yoga practice ✨ I highly recommend you join a session!!!!

Posted by Daljit at 2021-07-02 18:56:45 UTC