Day 7!!!…We made it!! 👏🏼💜🥳 (Who thought I forgot/slipped on the last day of the challenge…?? NEVER.) A very unusually late post from me today. I had a hectic morning so I had to alter my usual routine to make sure I got a workout in, even though I very nearly didn’t!! (Of course I’m so glad I did) 2 beauties today. 30mins upper body with @deletedmember and a well needed slow flow with @Soul Body by Phoebe to end the week off right Absolutely loved the 30mins classes this week!! I also had my own personal goal to workout with a someone different each day, so this week I have trained with 11 trainers across 7 days which has been amazing. I’ve loved all of their classes and the energy and individuality each of them bring to the squad. Also I don’t know about you guys but I felt so much more motivated with the 30min classes (even though on a lot of days I still did a total of 60mins) but doing 2x 30min classes somehow feels so much more rewarding than doing a 60min (plus it’s more accessible, you can mix them up, easier to fit into your day and you end up doing more than you planned) T@deletedmemberLondon for always shaking things up and creating new ways for us to work and reach our goals ❤️ @Body by Ciara Official. @Body By Ciara Official @Body by Ciara Squad @msfitqueenuk @Sophie Hardy @Mike Fitness @Ria @The Real Gym Guy @Ciara L@deletedmember-London @deletedmember @OliviaEleni @KariiL@deletedmembersinead. @Soul Body by Phoebe

Posted by Umisha at 2021-08-01 19:59:59 UTC