Happy Monday Gang!!!! It's been aaaages since I've posted something. The Power Up week was amazing and seeing you all pushing yourselves was beautiful to see. 🔥 Unfortunately, last week for me ended up being a power down week because I was sooooooo sick!!!! I came down with a virus and it took me out!!!!! 🤒🤕🤧 (not COVID-19 FYI) I haven't been sick in like 2 years!!!! My whole body and mental health just went down!!! I think because I had been pushing myself so much and then with outside opening and my work days increasing, I literally lost control and balance. So yeah instead of me stopping myself to rest when I should of, my body said "bitch let me just stop you!!!!" 😭😭 Anywaaaaaays, I am nearly better but still recovering. I haven't been to the gym but I have been doing home workouts (which is exactly why I love this squad!!!) 💖 In my "Power Up Week", I managed 4 x 30 mins workouts on catch up and I just finished the 12pm sesh with @deletedmember 🍑🔥 Sometimes we beat ourselves up over things, I know I do. But it's important to take rest and time to recover and also LISTEN TO YOU BODY (DALJIT!!!!!) LOL 🤣🤣 Steady powering up now .....🙌🏽🔋 Who's got their DONKEY KICKS IN ALREADY?! 👀🦵🏽🔥✔ #PowerUp #donkeykickchallenge

Posted by Daljit at 2021-08-02 12:53:17 UTC