So today I was driving home from work, listening to one of @Mercedes Benson’s old playlists and thinking that a workout to this mix would really pull me out my funk… Got home and caught up with @Ciara London’s B2B HIIT from Monday and guess what the playlist was 😂 After a week off due to a work trip and seeing family, it felt like it was the universe telling me to get my shit together and POWER UP 💥💥💥 How are you guys doing with adapting to post lockdown life? If I’m honest I miss WFH lockdown days and how easy it was to fit in 2-3 workouts a day! But now is the time to push myself and push my body because exercise is quite literally the only thing that regulates my mental health and ive got GOALS TO REACH 🙌 Hope you are all okay 💞

Posted by Esther Samson at 2021-08-05 18:59:04 UTC