Happy Sunday Gang! I realised I have my first race in two years next month and I’ve really been struggling with my running since the second vaccine and catching covid! The most I’ve been able to run is approx 4 miles before my lungs/legs give in! This week I focused on keeping my legs moving and building some strength back into them! Monday: Low Impact Leg Day Blast with @Sophie Hardy Tuesday: 2.7 Mile Run Wednesday: Gave my legs a little rest and blasted my shoulders instead with @Sophie Hardy and Upper Body Super Circuits plus a 2 Mile Walk Thursday: 4 Mile Run and 2 Mile Walk Friday: 2 Mile Walk and straight into Lower Body Bands vs Weights with @Sineadtrains Saturday: Active Recovery Rest Day with 4 Mile Walk Sunday: 10k Run (World Record Attempt) furthest I’ve ran in 3 months! My legs feel bloody brilliant considering that’s only one week of training! Going to continue with with Lower Body classes to help with the strength of my legs so I can improve on my pace! #legtraining #bodytrainingclub #keepmoving #stepbystep

Posted by tina.mistry at 2021-09-19 12:28:23 UTC