Ello beauties! ❤ Guess who's made is back into the gym this week?!🙃 Not gonna lie, had mad gym anxiety the first day and then even the 2nd but slowly finding my way around the new gym and getting used to it. This week I've literally been put in uncomfortable situations but once I've overcome it, I feel so productive in myself. 💫 Anyways, managing to get my cardio in and utilise the new gym plans on the app. 🙌🏽 Also, I'm making sure I'm stretching properly after each workout. Can't be getting injured again!!! I am sore AF!!!!! But part of the process because..... Gains don't care!!!!! How's everyone getting on this week?!?! Comment with positive achievement you've made this week so far 👇🏽😊

Posted by Daljit at 2021-09-23 21:31:35 UTC