Merry Monday ❄️ & Happy New week 🀞🏽 I used to be a gym person. I woke up early in the morning and first thing I have done was my workout. I felt happy, motivated and confident. Since first lockdown when things changed. I stopped working on myself in & out. I stopped feeling confident, I was so hard to myself, I lost my motivation. Well, after while I realised that me talking to myself that I am not happy with my body not gonna change anything. One day I woke up full of positive energy, next day I woke up and I was so down. Well then I found out @deletedmember doing live stream workouts. Her energy just helped me move my πŸ‘ and do something! So here I am ! New me who love to put laud music on my Bose music system and who love to enjoy HOME WORKOUTS as well. #betterdaysarecomming #newme #motivation #workhardplayhard

Posted by Deleted (b28ef894) at 2021-04-12 07:11:32 UTC