Hey All, Newbie here 👋🏾 currently 7months Postpartum trying to get the body i recognise back…AND THEN activate my BEST self!! I started bootcamp Day 1 with @Sineadtrains Low Impact Full Body HIIT session & wheeeeeeew chilllle 😅 , sis was moving faster then i expected 🤣 ( i hadn’t worked out my entire pregnancy) so this was TOUGH. However , I’m sooooo glad i joined and completed it. Feeling energised & Ready for the rest of the week. BTW, I have Diastasis recti so was unable to do the crunches as it causes coning. Squad, @deletedmember @jadelouisetraining , @Lauren Mads does anyone know any Crunch alternatives and any exercises in particular that will help repair the problem?

Posted by Deleted (4b7b84d8) at 2021-10-18 22:07:22 UTC