New month but have you set yourself new goals ? If could be ⭐️ To loose a certain amount of weight ⭐️ To do a certain number of workouts ⭐️ To use heavier weights ⭐️ To try a different class every week ⭐️ To hit 10,000 steps ⭐️To drop a dress size ⭐️ To be more healthier ⭐️ To cut out sugar A goal is anything u set yourself to achieve Mine is too lose 2.5 -3 kg this month Set yourself a November goal and let’s smash it together 🎶 This is my favourite song right now 🎶 Join me tonight for exercise and vibes 6.30pm - Super strong full body

Posted by The Real Gym Guy at 2021-11-01 15:23:41 UTC