I chickened out posting this on Instagram but just remembered we have this safe space ♥️ Last Saturday I did my first ever “gym/ squat rack” session! 😃 I was so nervous but I really wanted to start doing them. I used @Ciara London heavy leg day on demand. I went back to her first session in September and pretty much used just the bar for the whole session. I wanted to make sure I got comfortable with using it and concentrated on my form. I HIGHLY recommend it squad! 🔥🔥 I felt so safe with ciara telling me what to do and seeing her do it as well really helped. Tbh PDF workouts don’t work for me because a usual 1hr session would probably take me 2 hours with me just going at my own pace but with Ciara setting the pace, I had a really good efficient sweaty first workout. I will now be doing Ciara’s heavy leg day on demand each week. 😃 Thank you @Ciara London, genuinely I would of never achieved this without you and this app ♥️♥️

Posted by Nikki_13 at 2021-11-04 11:33:08 UTC