Happy Sunday Gang! I hope everyone is having a fab weekend and for those that celebrated, hope you had lovely Diwali ✨ Another pretty good week for me, I was up and early for a few 7am lives which meant I had no excuse to jump on the 7:45am lives or get in a on demand class, so that what I did! Here’s my week in workouts: MONDAY 💥 • 45 Min High Volume Full Body AMRAP @Sophie Hardy TUESDAY 🦵🏽 • 45 Min Weights & Bands @Sineadtrains • 30 Min Full Body Disco Barre @deletedmember (This class had me at Disco!! Do not underestimate these classes cause the burn is real 🔥🥵) WEDNESDAY 💪🏼 • 45 Min Upper Body AMRAP @Asha-Leah (this class is becoming my fave for upper body 🥵🔥) • 45 Min Upper Body Hypertrophy @Mike Fitness • 30 Min Kettlebell Blast @Sineadtrains THURSDAY 🍑 • 15 Min B2B Abs Blast @Sineadtrains • 45 Min Bands vs Abs vs Core @Ciara London FRIDAY 🥵 • 45 Min Friday Finishers @Sineadtrains (not done this class in months and I forgot how crazy it is 💦💦) • 45 Min Low Impact Full Body HIIT @Mike Fitness SATURDAY Rest Day cause I think I pulled something in my chest (not sure if that is even possible) and didn’t want to aggravate it 😫 SUNDAY🚶🏾‍♀️ 5k Walk (pic from today’s walk, love it here) Also not jealous at all of the lucky squad members getting in a session with the trainers in real life this coming week! Enjoy ! 🙌🏼

Posted by tina.mistry at 2021-11-07 13:14:53 UTC